Acquisition of Optotek Medical

Rédigé par Quantel Medical, le 26 août 2019, 08h38

The LUMIBIRD Group, the European leader for laser technologies, is announcing the acquisition by its subsidiary Quantel Medical of the Slovenian firm Optotek Medical d.o.o., specialized in developing optical and laser solutions for medical applications. This acquisition marks the culmination of the longstanding collaboration established between the two companies through OEM contracts to develop and supply devices for Quantel Medical’s range of anterior chamber lasers. 

This will enable Quantel Medical to further strengthen its R&D expertise for medical lasers and its industrial integration with an additional ISO 13485 certified production unit based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Optotek Medical’s revenues came to €6.6m in 2018: nearly two thirds were recorded with Quantel Medical, with the balance generated on a range of ophthalmic lasers sold in around 30 countries. Optotek has built up advanced optics and micro-mechanical expertise. 

“The co-developments by Quantel Medical and Optotek Medical over nearly 20 years have made it possible to bring innovative solutions to the market for the treatment of secondary cataracts and glaucoma. This acquisition represents the logical culmination of our longstanding collaboration and the start of a new stage in our development” confirms Jean Marc Gendre Quantel Medical’s manager. 

“This acquisition is in line with the Lumibird Group’s rationale to offer its clients new strong value-added products and ensure full control over their development and production chain. We are not only further strengthening our range of laser treatment products for Ophthalmology, but we are also expanding our selection of OEM solutions for buoyant markets such as dermatology or ENT surgery with articulated arms”, explains Marc Le Flohic, Lumibird’s Chairman and CEO. 

​The industrial, technological and commercial synergies between the two companies will make it possible to further strengthen the competitiveness of the ophthalmic lasers already released, while accelerating the development of new products.

Quantel Medical reçoit l'approbation de la FDA pour son échographe A/B/S/UBM ABSolu ®

Rédigé par Quantel Medical, le 27 mars 2019, 08h48

Quantel Medical a le plaisir d'annoncé aujourd’hui avoir reçu l’approbation de la US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pour son nouvel échographe ABSolu®

«l'ABSolu® est notre nouvel échographe, qui remplace notre plateforme échographique Aviso. C’est le fruit de plusieurs années de travail de notre département R & D en collaboration avec des spécialistes en échographie et nous pouvons dire qu’une fois encore, nous établissons de nouvelles normes en matière d’imagerie par ultrasons ophtalmiques », a déclaré Jean-Marc Gendre, PDG de Quantel Medical. "Pour les ophtalmologistes à la recherche d'excellence en échographie, ABSolu® est le partenaire idéal dans leur pratique quotidienne."

ABSoluTM: New A/B/S/UBM ultrasound platform

Rédigé par Quantel Medical, le 21 septembre 2018, 08h51

Quantel Medical today announced the launch of the new ABSoluTM ultrasound platform at the 36th Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS 2018) in Vienna, Austria September 22-26. Combination of leading edge technologies, this A/B/S/UBM ultrasound platform provides unparalleled image quality with an exceptional level of detail.

Technological breakthroughs in the ABSoluTM include:

A new 5 ring annular technology 20MHz B probe that increases the depth of field by 70% thus offering in a single scan high definition information of the vitreous, retinal wall and orbit.

Motion sensors have been integrated in all B Mode and UBM probes allowing for an automatic and constant detection of the probe position and ultrasound beam direction (patented technology).

A new signal processing for the linear 50 MHz UBM for to offer high image quality of the anterior chamber and lens.

A new full HD screen compliant with section 14 of the DICOM standard, a world premiere in ophthalmic ultrasound.

“ABSoluTM is our new ultrasound platform replacing our flagship ultrasound system Aviso. It is the achievement of years of work carried out by our R&D Department in collaboration with ultrasound specialists and we can say that once again, we are setting new standards in ophthalmic ultrasound imaging” said Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO of Quantel Medical. “For ophthalmologists looking for excellence in ultrasound imaging, ABSoluTM is the ideal partner in their everyday practice.”

ESCRS attendees can see the new generation ABSoluTM ultrasound platform on the booth #B103.

Quantel Medical opens up new markets with its acquisition of ECM's medical activities

Rédigé par Quantel Medical, le 25 juillet 2018, 08h16

Quantel Medical, a LUMIBIRD Group subsidiary, has taken a further step forward with its development by acquiring the medical activities of ECM, an IMV Technologies group subsidiary. World leader for ophthalmic diagnosis ultrasound solutions, Quantel Medical is opening up to other markets such as sports, general and hospital medicine.

Based in Angoulême, France, ECM, an IMV Technologies group subsidiary, has been specialized in dedicated ultrasound devices for human and veterinary medicine for the past 30 years. The diverse applications in terms of human medicine range from sports and general medicine to obstetrics and resuscitation, as well as new markets such as physiotherapy.

With 25 years of ophthalmic ultrasound experience and expertise, Quantel Medical today has over 12,000 ophthalmic ultrasound scanners in operation. These devices have been created thanks to Quantel Medical's research and development and include the latest innovations for high-definition ultrasound.

Thanks to its commercial successes and expert technical capabilities, Quantel Medical has built up a key strategic position, which will enable it to continue progressing with high-end ultrasound solutions following its acquisition of ECM's medical activities. 

"ECM has developed an innovative product portfolio based on technologies that dovetail effectively with our own'', confirms Jean-Marc Gendre, Quantel Medical's CEO. «This acquisition will enable us to move into demanding markets such as emergency medicine or the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with targeted products that effectively meet the needs of various specialties".

"This acquisition of ECM's medical activities sets out the Lumibird Group's commitment to expanding its medical operations in other fields alongside ophthalmology. Our Quantel Medical subsidiary has all the technological and commercial expertise needed to rapidly transform this project into an outstanding success, in a field where quick and accurate diagnoses are vital", explains Marc Le Flohic, Lumibird Group Chairman and CEO.

With this acquisition of ECM's medical devices and its teams' technical, clinical, marketing and commercial expertise, Quantel Medical expects to achieve rapid market share gains over the coming months in France and from 2019 in Quantel Medical's core export markets. The sales generated by this business are expected to quickly reach several million euros.