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Mosar® for Easyret®: High Definition Imaging System

Quantel Medical accessorizes its yellow laser Easyret® with Mosar®, a High definition imaging system.

Always tuned to the market needs and to the feedbacks of the ophthalmologists, Quantel Medical launches Mosar®, a new optional imaging system dedicated to its high-end yellow retinal laser.

Already CE Marked, FDA approved and available for sale, Mosar® features a HD camera, a screen and a powerful computer. Enhancing the retinal laser treatment procedures and the follow-up of the patients, it offers 3 main modes of use, thanks to its smart and easy to use software interface:

- A co-observation teaching mode for live viewing of laser procedures

- An advanced mode allowing the operator to:

  • Import diagnosis images facilitating the laser treatment planning
  • Prepare, print and record advanced treatment reports including fundus and diagnosis images
  • Take pictures or record treatment videos for presentation and training purposes

- A library mode, to manage all the generated images, videos and treatment reports which can be exported on a USB drive or a local network.

“We are focused on delivering new products and solutions improving laser treatments and patient’s follow-up. After the successful introduction of Easyret®, our high-end yellow retina laser based on fiber laser technology, we are proud to launch our new Mosar® High definition imaging system for Easyret®”, said Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO Quantel Medical and Deputy CEO Lumibird Group.  

“We are very excited to bring our new imaging system to ophthalmologists and their patients”, added Jean-Marc Gendre. “Thanks to its ease of use, we are sure that more and more surgeons will adopt our SingleSpot, MultiSpot and Subliminal laser Easyret® enhancing peripheral and macular laser treatments and its dedicated high definition imaging system Mosar®”. EURETINA participants will have the pleasure to discover Mosar® for Easyret® on Quantel Medical ebooth from October 02nd to 04th.